Il-Kunsill tal-Istudenti

The Students' Council members

The Students' Council members

L-ewwel laqgħa tal-Kunsill tal-istudenti saret fl-1 ta’ Diċembru, 2014.  Waqt din il-laqgħa l-membri għażlu minn fosthom l-istudenti b’kariga speċjali:

Presidenta – Aaliyah (year 6.2)

Viċi-Presidenta – Martina (year 6.1)

Segretarju – Claude (year 3.1)

Kaxxiera – Keira (year 5.2)

  • Il-Presidenta tieħu ħsieb li waqt il-laqgħa kulħadd ikollu ċans jaqsam l-ideat mal-oħrajn u tirrappreżenta l-Kunsill waqt okkażjonijiet speċjali (e.ż. meta jkun hemm xi mistednin speċjali ġewwa l-iskola).
  • Il-Viċi-Presidenta tgħin lill-Presidenta fil-kariga tagħha u tieħu postha f’kas li din tkun assenti.
  • Is-Segretarju jieħu nota ta’ dak li jintqal waqt il-laqgħat sabiex jinżamm rekord ta’ dak li jiġi diskuss.
  • Il-Kaxxiera tieħu ħsieb il-flus waqt attivitajiet li jinvolvu flus – bħal per eżempju waqt Sponsor a Book.

Our School Motto!

school motto

Pizzaiolo for a day

This January the Year Two students went to experience being a Pizzaiolo for a day.  The activity was held at the Pepe Nero situated at the Waterfront in Valletta.  The staff at the restaurant help the children to make their own pizza by rolling out the dough and choosing from a variety of toppings.  It is interesting to see that as the children choose the toppings themselves, they are really willing to eat their creation.  Once they have chosen the toppings, the pizza is then taken to a wood-burning oven and the students are invited to observe while the pizza bakes in a few minutes.  The most awaited moment is when the children get to taste their own pizza.  On this occasion all the students had really worked up an appetite and they were really hungry!  The activity ended with the staff presenting a show which includes pizza dough flipping in the air and across the restaurant too!  The students are then given a piece of dough to play with and model.  The children’s behaviour during the outing was impeccable and we all enjoyed the experience.

Ms. Audrey Bezzina – Year 2.1

SAM_1057 SAM_1047


The children have been learning to create simple programs to make BeeBot reach a destination.  First, the children were introduced to directional language using vocabulary like ‘forwards’, ‘backwards’ and ‘turn right/left’.  Then under the supervision of the IT Teacher, each child programmed the BeeBot to the target colour.

IMG_1830 IMG_1831

IMG_1832 IMG_1833

Irriċikla għall-Istrina


photo taken from

Our school participated in the GreenPak fourth edition of  Irriċikla għall-Istrina campaign and out of a 100 participating  schools we placed 7th .  A big thank you to all the students who collected plastic bottle caps and brought them to school.  Alayah and Amber Borg, twin sisters, were sent to represent the school since they collected the greatest amount of bottle caps.

Gymstars Outing

On 25 November ’14 Year 1 children went to the first outing at the Gymstars.  The first part of the session included light physical exercises and later more energetic physical activity.

Being physically active every day is important for the healthy growth and development of children.

Ms Diane Galea
Year 1.1

IMG_1852 IMG_1845

Our school paricipated in l-Istrina

Our students were invited to take part in the opening dance of l-Istrina.  And it seems that those who did enjoyed every moment.

Attachment-1-1 Attachment-1 received_803774339682924

Fieldwork in Valletta

On the 5th of December 2014, Year 6 students went to Valletta to do the Social Studies fieldwork. They visited several  interesting places and because they had certain tasks to perform they could interact with their environment.

valletta valletta2 valletta3

valletta4 valletta5 valletta6

Snow Experiment – Kinder 2.3-Ms. C. Wood

Today Monday the 24th of November we did a snow experiment in my class. First we talked about whether we had ever seen snow. One boy Aiden said that he did when he was on holiday in Italy. We talked about how we thought it would feel, if it would be cold or warm. We also discussed what clothes we wear when it snows and what we could do with the snow, such as build a snowman or make snowballs. We also discussed what the colour of snow is.

We put Bicarbonate of Soda in a big bowl and then we added Shaving Foam which the children said their dads use to shave their beard. We mixed it all together. Each of the children took their turn to feel and smell it. They said it smelled nice (The shaving foam). After each child made a small snowball. They all enjoyed playing with it.

20141124_120349_0 20141124_120429_0 20141124_120608_0

Water bottle fountain Science Experiment

This experiment allows children to see that air takes up room and is always present even though we can’t see it.

We began by blowing up a balloon and asking the children what they thought was in the balloon. Some of the children did say that air was in the balloon. We let the balloon go and we talked about what happened.

We took an empty water bottle and asked the children what was in the bottle.  The balloon was blown up again and placed over the bottle. The children were asked why the balloon wasn’t going down when we did that. They came up with some answers so we explained that the bottle was full of air as well so the air in the balloon had nowhere to escape.


I took another empty bottle and poked a small hole just big enough for a straw to go through it. I sealed it with Blue Tac. We explained to the children what we were doing.

Then we asked the children what they thought would happen if we poured water in the bottle level with the very top of the straw. The children said that water will come out but they saw that the water didn’t go out. We told them that we would have to pour more water over the level of the straw for that to happen and we showed them what we meant.

Then we blew up the balloon again and put it over the top of the bottle. They were amazed when they saw the water coming out of the straw like a fountain. They also noticed that the balloon was going down as the water was coming out of the straw. We talked about why that was happening and that the air in the balloon pushed down on the water and forced it up the straw.


They enjoyed this experiment so much that we had to do it over and over again!!!

Fun Run

Our students participated in the Fun Run organized by St. Theresa Secondary School.  They had fun and were the first to complete the Run.  The photos clearly show what a great time they had.  But the best part is that their donations went to the Community Chest Fund.

img_4035 img_4037