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Carnival celebrations

Friday was a special day at Lija-Balzan-Iklin Primary since students came to school wearing Carnival costumes.  The teachers organized several games and fun activities.  Then in the afternoon the clown finished off the day with his funny magic tricks.


Nirriċikla għall-Istrina 2015


Dinja Waħda

Our school is carrying out Dinja Waħda, BirdLife Malta’s education programme that connects children to nature and instills values, knowledge and skills that will empower them to live in a better balance with the environment now and in the future.

Lija-Balzan-Iklin is a gold award winner in Dinja Waħda and this year is expanding its involvement to include a cross-curricular nature garden for all-school participation. The photo shows an artist’s impression of a nature area that will be used by all the year groups, each creating a section of the whole project.
Artistic impression of proposed layout (Jan 2016)-1

Crib Competition

A Crib Competition was held last December in collaboration with Lija Local Council and L-Għaqda tal-Presepji. Thirty-four students participated and all students were presented with a Certificate of Participation and a Token by the College Principal . The Cribs were judged by the President of the Għaqda tal-Presepji. The first three cribs placed as follows:  First, Isaac Petroni (Yr. 5.2); second,  Chiara Cocks (Yr. 5.2); third,  Nilea Micallef (Yr. 3.1).  The prizes were presented by the Mayor of Lija Local Council.

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San Pio X choir

Our students formed part of the San Pio X choir during the Christmas Concert that was held on Saturday, 12th December. The choir, under the direction of  Mr. Andrea Cassar, sang Ninni, la tibkix iżjed and Ma che musica maestro.

choir 3 choir4 choir5

Hour of Code

1_Lija Primary school

Our school  participated in the Hour of Code  between Monday 7th and Friday 11th December 2015.

The Hour of Code initiative entailed the organization of a 30 minute activity that took place in class. Such an activity did not require the use of a computer. This event introduced students of all ages to coding in a fun and easy manner. Coding provides an excellent way to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills through interactive learning activities. Our Year 4, 5 and 6 students, supported by Ms. Antonella Giles, the eLearning teacher,  enjoyed collaborating and discussing solutions to the online puzzles accessed during the Hour of Code activities.

Feast of St. Martin

Wednesday, 11th November was the feast of St. Martin.  We celebrated this day with a Special Assembly to highlight the life of this saint.  Some teachers had in class activities.  Year 5 classes backed a cake typical of this feast.  The children were divided into groups and they followed the recipe to bake delicious healthy cakes made with various nuts and dried fruit. This was followed by mathematical,  creative writing and comprehension exercises.

Special Assembly

Special Assembly

St. Martin's Bags

St. Martin's Bags

A pleasant surprise

The Nurture Group organized a talk on the dangers of playing with fire.  Mr. Anthony Portelli, from the Civil Protection Department, offered to bring a fire engine to school and explain how it works to all the students.  Children had a chance to get a close up view of this vehicle that is so popular with young kids.

IMAG0822 IMG_20151015_114835IMAG0823

Nature Week – Year 6.1 project

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Story Thread

As part of our Creative Writing programme, children are encouraged to write  story threads.  During the Second Term all the students from Year 1 to Year 6 participated in a Story Thread.  An easel was put up in the Literacy Room and each class took turns to continue a story that was started by Year 4.1.   This is their story. Continue reading ‘Story Thread’