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Il-Kunsill tal-Istudenti

The Students' Council members

The Students' Council members

L-ewwel laqgħa tal-Kunsill tal-istudenti saret fl-1 ta’ Diċembru, 2014.  Waqt din il-laqgħa l-membri għażlu minn fosthom l-istudenti b’kariga speċjali:

Presidenta – Aaliyah (year 6.2)

Viċi-Presidenta – Martina (year 6.1)

Segretarju – Claude (year 3.1)

Kaxxiera – Keira (year 5.2)

  • Il-Presidenta tieħu ħsieb li waqt il-laqgħa kulħadd ikollu ċans jaqsam l-ideat mal-oħrajn u tirrappreżenta l-Kunsill waqt okkażjonijiet speċjali (e.ż. meta jkun hemm xi mistednin speċjali ġewwa l-iskola).
  • Il-Viċi-Presidenta tgħin lill-Presidenta fil-kariga tagħha u tieħu postha f’kas li din tkun assenti.
  • Is-Segretarju jieħu nota ta’ dak li jintqal waqt il-laqgħat sabiex jinżamm rekord ta’ dak li jiġi diskuss.
  • Il-Kaxxiera tieħu ħsieb il-flus waqt attivitajiet li jinvolvu flus – bħal per eżempju waqt Sponsor a Book.

Swimming Lessons

The children in Year 4.1 had a swimming session where they not only had fun practicing this sport but also improved their swimming skills with the help of a swimming instructor.

Learning about Fractions

Children were asked to carry out a hands-on activity about fractions using candy. Each group was given a packet of candy. They had to sort the candy by colour. Moreover, they wrote the fraction of each colour and the fraction of the remaining candy left in the box. Furthermore, the pupils found  equivalent fractions. Finally, they explored how many sweets they should eat if they were going to divide them equally among each group. Since each candy box did not contain the same number of sweets, some of the answers carried a remainder. Our activity came to an end when children in each of the three  groups were asked to eat 1/8 , ¼ and   ½ of the sweets respectively. Thus, each child had to solve how many sweets they should eat. The children really enjoyed this activity and grasped the fraction concept in no time at all.

Year 4.1 – Ms. Beverly Ann Buttigieg