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Feast of St. Martin

Wednesday, 11th November was the feast of St. Martin.  We celebrated this day with a Special Assembly to highlight the life of this saint.  Some teachers had in class activities.  Year 5 classes backed a cake typical of this feast.  The children were divided into groups and they followed the recipe to bake delicious healthy cakes made with various nuts and dried fruit. This was followed by mathematical,  creative writing and comprehension exercises.

Special Assembly

Special Assembly

St. Martin's Bags

St. Martin's Bags

A pleasant surprise

The Nurture Group organized a talk on the dangers of playing with fire.  Mr. Anthony Portelli, from the Civil Protection Department, offered to bring a fire engine to school and explain how it works to all the students.  Children had a chance to get a close up view of this vehicle that is so popular with young kids.

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Nature Week – Year 6.1 project

Continue reading ‘Nature Week – Year 6.1 project’

Story Thread

As part of our Creative Writing programme, children are encouraged to write  story threads.  During the Second Term all the students from Year 1 to Year 6 participated in a Story Thread.  An easel was put up in the Literacy Room and each class took turns to continue a story that was started by Year 4.1.   This is their story. Continue reading ‘Story Thread’

Presentation of EcoSchool Green Flag


Today, 3rd June, our school was awarded for the second time the EcoSchool Green Flag.  Continue reading ‘Presentation of EcoSchool Green Flag’

Little Chefs

On 11th March, the children in Ms. Antoinette Cassar’s Kinder Class baked some delicious biscuits.  These biscuits were then presented to the parents that same afternoon during Merit Day.


Swimming Lessons

The children in Year 4.1 had a swimming session where they not only had fun practicing this sport but also improved their swimming skills with the help of a swimming instructor. Continue reading ‘Swimming Lessons’

Learning about Fractions

Children were asked to carry out a hands-on activity about fractions using candy. Each group was given a packet of candy. They had to sort the candy by colour. Continue reading ‘Learning about Fractions’

Show and Tell

The photos underneath were taken during a Show and Tell activity where the children had to bring a mysterious object to talk about it in Maltese. It was a great success since the children were very enthusiastic and  they brought mysterious things that captured the other pupils’ attention. Continue reading ‘Show and Tell’

Poetry writing

During the first and second term, the shared reading lessons gave pupils the opportunity  to structure their ideas while forming their opinions during discussion activities about pictures. Although creating a poem is a difficult task for children, they did not only manage to create acrostic poems but they also accomplished them using rhyming words. Continue reading ‘Poetry writing’