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Students Council

During these last couple of weeks students have been preparing for the Students Council elections.  During PSD sessions students were given lessons on the democratic process of electing members of this Council.  Each prospective candidate prepared a poster to advertise the qualities that he or she had to persuade friends to vote for him or her.  These posters were exhibited in the school foyer.

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On Tuesday 25th November, an election was held and a member from each class in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 was elected.  These students will form the  Council and under the guidance of  Ms. Audrey Bezzina and Ms.  Annabelle Azzopardi they will meet to discuss matters that will benefit all students.

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Is-Servizz tan-Nurture Class

Din is-sena beda s-servizz tan-Nurture Class fl-iskola ta’ Ħal Lija. Fin-Nurture Class it-tfal isibu ambjent li jgħinhom iħossuhom tajbin magħhom infushom u milqugħa.  Huwa post fejn jingħataw iktar ħin u opportunita’ jitkellmu fuq dak li jħossu u jissudaw il-ħiliet li għandhom bżonn biex jiffaċċjaw l-isfidi tal-ħajja. Jitgħallmu l-valuri tar-rispett, l-ubbidjenza, l-imħabba u t-tolleranza f’ambjent sabih li jixbaħ lil dak tad- dar. Jaqsmu l-esperjenzi tagħhom ma’ tfal bħalhom u jaħdmu fi grupp.  Is-servizz tan-Nurture Class jgħin lill-istudenti jiżviluppaw dawk il-kwalitajiet neċessarji biex jirnexxu, u jircievu edukazzjoni sħiħa.

nurture-2 nurture1

Ċaqlaq Session

Ċaqlaq Team from the Ministry of Education organized a session on Monday 24 November to Years 1, 2 and 3.  The animators first explained the importance of eating healthy food, the importance of daily exercise and how it helps to build a strong body.   The children were given a cup of freshly juiced strawberries and raspberries and ended the session doing on-the-spot exercises.  The kids enjoyed it a lot!

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Educational activities – Ms. Beverly Ann Buttigieg 4.1

Children were given different capacities in millilitres and litres and they had to pour the water into a measuring jug according to their measurements. Pupils also explored the scale reading of their containers and they had to be accurate while observing at eye-level. Continue reading ‘Educational activities – Ms. Beverly Ann Buttigieg 4.1′

Planting cuttings activity in Ms. Wood’s Kinder class

The children in my class were asked to bring a small plant pot and a cutting each.  I covered a table with magazine papers and in groups of 2 each child put peat in the pot and planted the cutting. Continue reading ‘Planting cuttings activity in Ms. Wood’s Kinder class’

Water Week

During the week starting 20th October, children are going to be exposed to various activities, lessons, talks and Special Assemblies about the importance of saving water.  This is one of the targets of the EcoSchool action plan which is part of our School Development Plan.  Continue reading ‘Water Week’

Watercolour using recycled markers – KG 2.2 Ms.Carmen Wood

We collected all the dried up felt pens and gem markers. We took out the colour inserts and cut them in pieces. Small containers were filled with water and then we put different coloured inserts in each one e.g. blue, red, orange and so on. Continue reading ‘Watercolour using recycled markers – KG 2.2 Ms.Carmen Wood’

Milk Science Experiment – KG 2.2 Ms.Carmen Wood

We explained that milk has surface tension, just like water, but unlike water, it is high in fat and is solid coloured. As the dye is less dense, it does not mix into the milk unless stirred. Continue reading ‘Milk Science Experiment – KG 2.2 Ms.Carmen Wood’

Water Transfer Experiment – KG 2.2 Ms.Carmen Wood

We wanted the children to see how we can transfer water from one container to another using paper towels. Continue reading ‘Water Transfer Experiment – KG 2.2 Ms.Carmen Wood’