About our school

Our school is one of the four Primary schools within St.Theresa College. It is situated in a quiet area in Hal Lija. Our school has a population of about 400 students between the ages of three and eleven. The school staff is made up of approximately 50 members and these include the Administration, Teachers, Learning Support Assistants, Kindergarten Assistants, clerks and caretakers. Our school tries to do whatever is possible so that our students are given a holistic type of education.  Even though the academical development of the students is given its importance, the whole school staff believes in other important aspects of education such as physical, moral and cultural development. Various extra-curricular activities take place throughout the scholastic year to achieve this goal. The parents are involved in most of these activities, as the school believes that parents play an important role in their children’s education.

Our School Motto

school motto

Our School Mission Statement

In an ever-changing world, each pupil has to be recognised as an individual who has to be provided with a broad range of appropriate educational experiences in order to provide him/her with the tools/skills necessary to integrate himself/herself fully in all aspects of adult life. Their education should enable them to achieve the maximum fulfillment from life. this can best be achieved through giving each and every child a holistic education, thus helping pupils reach their highest potential.

The Aims of the School

  • To ensure each pupil is given as wide a range as possible of educational experiences in order to prepare him/her for adult life. We have to do our utmost to enable each child to reach his/her full potential and to foster a sense of self-esteem and confidence as well as respect for other.
  • To provide a healthy, stimulating and caring environment for the academic, aesthetic, physical, social, emotional, moral, and personal development of the child.
  • To give support to all pupils so that no one will fell left out as well as to develop in pupils a caring, tolerant and responsible attitude towards others.
  • To create a happy, purposeful community in an attractive working environment. The establishment and maintenance of a sense of collaborative effort between teachers, pupils, parents and the ‘wider’ community is of paramount importance.
  • To instil in everyone a sense of responsibility in co-ordination with a sense of self-discipline, self-motivation and self-confidence.

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