pupils' work Year 4

Pupil’s Work – 4.1

TDU2 Test Drive Unlimited – Neil Borg

My name is Neil. I often play with my computer.  My favourite game is Test Drive Unlimited 2.  This game is great because you can walk in a house and you can also change the floor, sofa, the walls and you can take a photo too.

I play offline. The character of the game is called nik. In the game I have six houses and thirteen cars. I am in level 23 out of 60. I have a special house and car. My special house is called Tree House. I named it like that because it has lots of trees.  Inside the house there is a big tree and small trees too. My special car is called Nissan. On it I made stickers. The colour is black cherry and inside it has orange seats. It is special to me because it has white number stickers. In this game you have two roads, one normal road and the other is a dirty road. At first it is a bit hard to get money.  You have to figure out how to get it.  When you have enough money, you can buy another house and more cars.

You can buy this game from e-bay.  Remember the game is called TDU2 Test Drive Unlimited!!


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