EkoSkola International Delegates visit our School

On Thursday 8th November 2012 our school hosted a group of 15 delegates from different countries for a short visit around the school. Our young Eko Skola committee members waited impatiently for the delegates to arrive and when they did they welcomed them in the school foyer. The delegates were accompanied by Mr Bernard Grixti, Eko Skola co-ordinator.

After a short introduction, the delegates were led to see the Eko Skola notice board situated in a prominent place in the school foyer. Attention was drawn to the fact that the notice board shows this months focus of action – waste management, the three R’s and composting. A meeting with the committee members was then held in the conference room. The committee members introduced themselves and briefly described what they like doing best in the Eko Skola committee. They also answered questions asked by the interested delegates. After the meeting, the delegation was taken around the school to see the work carried out so far in Eko Skola. The delegates noticed the high level of committment by all the staff in the school and they could see work displayed in conjunction to Eko Skola. Of particular interest was a kindergarten classroom in which all classroom furnishings and resources used as well as crafts were entirely made of reused and recycled material. The delegates were also shown waste separation boxes in classrooms as well as the compost bin which is being filled with organic waste brought by the children from home – hence involving also the students’ parents and families.

The delegates enjoyed themselves so much that they hesitated to leave our school. They were positively impressed by the amount of work done in so little time, given that our school has started work on the action plan since the beginning of October. Before leaving, the delegates were presented with small souvenirs of Malta made by the students using recycled material which included used CDs, pictures from magazines, and cereal box cardboard. The members of the delegation were also given a copy of the book published last year by the school “A Walk in the Jungle”, containing writings and illustrations by the students.

Paul Anthony Rapa

Eko Skola Link Teacher

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